Last year, in December, we had a significant amount of snow fall during Christmas Break (December 26th to 29th).

We had a lot of complaints about maintenance of the roads and sidewalks. A lot of municipalities had complaints I should note. We weren’t the only ones with problems.

The good news is that Public Works staff and Council listened, took notes, and are working toward addressing the shortcomings. Some changes will likely require budget approval (the 2014 budget will likely be approved early December) – but some have already been established.

The following report from February 2013 (see page 126) discussedĀ a changeĀ that was set in motion after the snow event last Christmas – The Extreme Snow Protocol was amended to simplify the criteria that had to be met before staff could call in contractors to handle the plowing, sanding/salting, and snow removal in the Towns’ roughly 49 cul-de-sacs and bulbs in the Urban area. The goal is to be able to free up more time for Town staff to be able to concentrate on the main roads in both the urban and rural areas.

Further changes will be brought forward for discussion for the 2014 budget.

Let’s hope for a smooth snow season!

Dianne Rintjema
Councillor, Ward 1, Lincoln



  1. It’s great that the town is developing a protocol for the urban area but could you also develop one for the tax-payers in the rural areas? Ever since our roads were marked are “Rural Access” the service has taken a huge nosedive. Frankly, we feel like second-rate citizens paying first-rate taxes! It’s often days before a snowplough gets to us. And don’t get me talking about the pot holes! Sorry, Dianne, this touched a nerve to hear that there is a protocol for the urban areas with no mention about us.

    • OK, Good Point Jane! There are a number of considerations “on the list” to make winter maintenance more efficient for ALL of Lincoln. Part of the idea of making it easier for staff to call in contractors to deal with the cul-de-sacs is so that Town trucks have more time to concentrate on the rest. Staff are in the process of bringing forward more potential changes, some of which require budget approval.

      Send me an email with the name of your street Jane if you wouldn’t mind.

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