I am Fortunate, Proud, and Thankful

This article http://www.bulletnewsniagara.ca/2013/02/15/opinion-its-not-ward-boundaries-that-make-fort-eries-council-so-dysfunctional-its-a-lack-of-civility/ criticizes the behavior (“the tantrums, the shouting matches, the accusations”) of Fort Erie Council Members and Staff during meetings. There is “no way on God’s green Earth [that the writer] would take my two minor children to council meetings”.

I don’t have Cogeco cable so I haven’t seen what goes on at Fort Erie Council meetings… I have only heard the talk and read this article, but it sounds like a real shame and it must be a very stressful environment. Having working with Council and Staff at The Town of Lincoln for the past two years, I can personally attest that people can work together with professionalism and respect even when they have strongly differing opinions and strongly differing personalities. I am fortunate to have been able to step in to this pre-established working culture and am proud as heck to contribute to it’s continuation.

I like very much how the writer sets out each Fort Erie Council member and the Mayor, and points out each of their strengths and admirable character traits. It sounds, as is often the case, like good people behaving badly. I wish them all the best, hope they are able to turn their ship around… and I continue to count my lucky stars.

Dianne Rintjema