Does a meeting of Lincoln Town Councillors and Staff Sound Interesting?

This summer, Lincoln Council chambers are going to be upgraded for communications technology (See “Council Chambers Accessiblility Upgrade” pgs. 124 to 126):

Typically Municipal Councils have an assortment of sub-committees and standing committees that they establish to deal with business, and reports and minutes of those meetings are considered by all of Council at a twice-monthly “Council meeting” (1st and 3rd Monday). The real meat of the matter though, happens at the sub and standing committee level – Council meetings are usually quick and consist of brief discussions around Committee business.

For some reason, Council meetings have been the only ones broadcast on television. Lincoln’s Council meetings are shown on Cogeco Channel 14 on Tuesday afternoons at 2:00 pm. Not an ideal viewing time for anyone I’d say. Not only is the air time inconvenient, but again, it’s only showing Council meetings which are typically held to “wrap up” committee business.

I have been concerned that those watching the meetings are left with the impression that there are seldom good comprehensive discussions on Town business.

How on earth (short of attending every meeting in Council Chambers [three, sometimes four nights a week]) can anyone get a fair impression of the work being done by their elected representatives?

How can we hope to engage the public if this is all they see?

Can we truly say we are doing all we can do to operate transparently?

Have a look at the above link to the report for details, but the short of it is that after the work is done this summer, Committee and Council meetings will be available in an archived form…. likely on YouTube and on the Town’s Website.

Thank You to Town Staff and Councillors Rob Foster and Dave Thompson for the extra hours consulting and planning to get this initiative going.