Next Thursday, May 21st, 2015 6:00-9:00 pm in the Arena area of the Fleming Centre, 5020 Serena Drive, Beamsville:

The Town of Lincoln will host a session on behalf of the Municipalities of Niagara for you to provide input on the review of the major land use plans that are in place in Ontario right now. These Plans affect every land use decision made by your Municipality and dictate how our area will look and function, where we will work, where we will live, and what our quality of life will be:

  1. The Greenbelt Plan
  2. The Niagara Escarpment Plan
  3. The Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan

At the request of Town of Lincoln staff – Senior staff from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing will be there to hear your views.

If you would like to provide comment ahead, or if you cannot attend… In this link you will find information on where to submit: http://lincoln.ca/sites/lincoln.civicwebcms.com/files/media/2015%2005%2011%20Provincial%20Plan%20Review%20Notice.pdf

Dianne Rintjema,

MTO Bridge Work in the Town of Lincoln

The Ministry of Transportation will be undertaking rehabilitation on four bridges within the Town of Lincoln over the several years and traffic flow will be affected. See the third page within the following Agenda for details: https://lincoln.civicweb.net/Documents/DocumentList.aspx?ID=56788