Drive Throughs in our Municipality

Currently in Lincoln, drive throughs are prohibited in the Central Business District. On September 17th, 2012, Council decided not to prohibit drive throughs in areas zoned “Neighbourhood Commercial” (NC) contrary to Planning staff’s recommendation in the following report:

Problems associated with drive through establishments include noise from speakers (car stereos and restaurant ordering speakers), noise and odors from idling cars, and traffic impacts from stacking cars.

On September 10th, 2012, Planning Committee voted in favour of the prohibition although some members were against, and then the issue was “lifted” (separated out for reconsideration) at the following Council meeting (September 17th, 2012). At that time, Council voted against the prohibition (although it was not unanimous).

Those who were in favour of the restriction voiced various reasons. They preferred to tie development to the public process that is necessary in order to make an exception to the restriction (zoning bylaw amendment) and also felt that drive throughs in areas abutting residences are not desirable. Also, a few years ago students from Maple Grove School presented to Council and asked them to post “no idling” signs throughout the Municipality (which it did) and to promote clean air policies. Some felt that allowing drive throughs anywhere goes against this commitment.

Those who were against the prohibition wanted to avoid over-restricting development at a time when some of our communities need ongoing private investment (Beamsville, Vineland) and were concerned with the message that new general restrictions may send out to interested developers – some suggested “site specific” restrictions within the zones. Those against didn’t feel the restriction was necessary because they felt that we have the tools in place to control the development in these areas (site plan agreements, design guidelines, zoning bylaw setbacks etc), and also that there are only six properties in our Municipality zoned NC, and most of them are too small to attract interest for this sort of development anyway.

So as it stands drive throughs are still allowed in the General Commercial areas outside the Central Business District (eg. most of Ontario Street Beamsville) and the Neighbourhood Commercial Zones, but remain prohibited in the Central Business District Areas.



Dianne Rintjema

Frequently Asked Questions about Lincoln’s New Community Complex

The below link to the Town of Lincoln website features some answers to questions you may have about Lincoln’s plans to build our new Community Complex.  The Complex, together with the proposed 5 acre park will basically take of the south half of the Fairgrounds property – Note that the park itself (the northern 1/2 of the south 1/2) will be designed and developed in the years after the Complex and the land immediately surrounding it (landscaping, parking etc) have been completed.

Dianne Rintjema

Safety Changes to John Street at Senator Gibson

The link below shows the changes that have been implemented by Council in order to address the safety issues that have been continually pointed out by residents in the area, as well as students, parents and crossing guards.

Council has designated a section of John Street as a “Community Safety Zone” (steeper fines for speeding); had lights installed that flash when crosswalks are active indicating a 40km an hour speed limit; and approved curb modifications to the area of John Street opposite the church adjacent to the crosswalk. On street parking was a priority for Council when the area was being developed but people were continuously using the on-street parking widenings to stop and drop off children – and this created a site line problem for other cars travelling West on John…. They couldn’t see the crossing guard.

See the Infrastructure Committee Agenda in this link for details: