Lincoln Special Events Policy?

At tonight’s Planning and Development Committee Meeting quite a few people came out to hear Committee discuss the proposed Special Events Bylaw:  Staff circulated the sample bylaw in the fall and asked for comment from the community with a view to beginning the public process tonight.

Planning staff, in tonight’s report recommended forming a Committee of stakeholders whose role will be to make recommendations to Council on how to deal with conflicts that may arise between neighbours as special events are held in Lincoln.

Planning Committee agreed that forming a stakeholder committee is the best approach as special events are likely to increase and managing potential conflict can be complicated. The Town already has significant tools at it’s disposal to deal with most of the conflicts that could arise but this is a good time to concentrate on getting the balance right in order to maximize and realize the possibilities of our agritourism strengths.

Councillor Thompson rightly wanted assurances that the the proposed stakeholder committee would contain a balanced membership to ensure that all interests are represented.

Planning Committee will discuss this further in April.

Lincoln Community Complex Fundraising Begins


Ready, Set, GO!

An incredible amount of work has gone on by dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers in our community – preparing for the Fundraising Campaign for Lincoln’s New Arena Library Complex:

This is exciting stuff folks – This is going to be a beautiful building and a fantastic resource for everyone, young and old and everyone in between!

Dianne Rintjema