Does Lincoln have it all? Well, if you are talking about everything a geographic area needs in order to be internationally competitive in the Food and Farming business – Then Yes. The Niagara area is unique to North America for all it has going for itself for food production, research, processing, and exporting:

*No matter where you are in Lincoln you are close to major food markets and the consumers they serve – both domestic and export.

*Lincoln’s climate is moderate with warmer winters than most parts of Ontario and Canada allowing more temperate crops to thrive.

*Generations of experience in Food and Farming means we have accumulated a serious reservoir of knowledge and skills to draw on.

*Think about our outstanding educational facilities close by: Niagara College, Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute, University of Guelph…

*Our wine-making and floriculture industries have well established international connections.

*We are right on top of the QEW – a major transportation corridor.

*Lincoln is home to the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

*Lincoln is a growing destination for agri-tourism. People come from the GTA and the US to see vineyards, taste wine, and enjoy fine dining:

*Lincoln is surrounding by fresh water for irrigation – a increasingly rare and enviable asset.

Pretty impressive. All these advantages right here at a time when many are concerned about the world’s increasing population and the long-term ability to provide food – And You’ve Got It.

That’s great – but what does that mean right now?

Lincoln’s Mayor and Council have re-commenced the process of updating it’s Official Plan and are excited about focusing on the Food and Farming industry a major part of our economic development efforts. See The Food and Farming Action Plan 2021: This plan is endorsed by the Provincial and Federal Government – We are all on the same page.

See pg.12 of the Agenda for Council’s meeting this Tuesday April 23rd for the minutes of the last meeting in which Council discussed this exciting initiative:

On Monday May 12th at 7:00 p.m. Planning Committee will be reviewing the draft Official Plan – and further public meetings and open houses will follow. If you would like to speak about the Official Plan at this meeting call (905) 563-8205 to get on the agenda as a delegate.

Dianne Rintjema