Update to Mountain Street Beamsville Reconstruction Plans

Earlier on in the year I blogged about the complete reconstruction of Mountain Street from King to Hillside Drive in Beamsville being included in the Region’s 2014 budget. The works would include sidewalks, sanitary sewers, streetscaping/decorative street lighting upgrades and storm drainage.

Right now the Region is going through the detailed design phase of this section of road and has come to the conclusion that it may need to acquire property to facilitate the upgrades to the road and to relocate utilities such as hydro poles etc.

As an update – The Region’s 2014 final budget has not been finalized, but the draft but is being amended to include the funds for the utility works only – And the road construction will be proposed for 2015 – and to beĀ considered for approvalĀ during the 2015 budget process.

Dianne Rintjema
Councillor, Ward 1, Lincoln