Konkle Creek Remediation Update

Last night the Lincoln Civic Association http://www.lincolncivicassociation.org/ held a community meeting to discuss the future of Konkle Creek considering the development proposed for a portion of the property on its East side, (Lincoln Community Complex, and the residential development of the former Fairgrounds land).

The Environmental Assessment process currently underway for the portion of the creek lying north of the Fairgrounds and south of Greenlane Road was the primary focus with the goal of the meeting being to raise awareness among interested parties of not only the issues regarding the remediation of the creek (necessary because of the extensive erosion), but also of the Town’s plans to put a paved pathway along the east bank as part of its Trails Master Plan. The move to put the path through the area is what sparked the EA process and necessary remediation, as staff became aware of the erosion of the banks.

The consultants have been working with staff to come up with three "preferred options" to deal with the problems in that section of the creek. The options are selected through the use of an evaluation matrix which takes into consideration for example, natural environment [eg. water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, channel stability]; social/cultural [eg. the trails master plan]; economic concerns etc.

The meeting was well attended with approximately twenty residents and two Council members. The group discussed the proposed asphault path vs. other options to preserve the natural environment.

The three preferred options will be presented at a Public Information Centre likely in March. At this point interested parties can come and ask questions of the consultants and Town staff and submit comments.

Dianne Rintjema

Beamsville Community Improvement Plan Ready to Go

Lincoln Council recently adopted a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for downtown Beamsville and the Ontario Street Commercial Corridor.

Residents and business owners can apply for loans/grants to help improve/renovate their homes and businesses in the designated areas.

The Town is accepting applications starting February 1st, 2012:

Dianne Rintjema

Town of Lincoln: Online System for Reporting Streetlight Problems

The Town of Lincoln now has an online reporting system (through the website), for reporting problems with streetlights. Until recently the process has been that residents can report deficiencies by phone to the Public Works Department, and this is still an option, but reporting online is often more convenient. The resident will recieve a confirmation email.

For every municipality there is a process in place (some better than others), to get the lights fixed. While some municipalities do their own maintainance, Lincoln’s is contracted out through our electrical utility Niagara Peninsula Energy (NPE). Public Works reports deficiencies to NPE every Thursday, and the lights are attended to the following Monday or Wednesday. In a perfect world the light would be fixed on that Monday or Wednesday, but sometimes there are complications and parts to be ordered and time delays.

It’s important to have streetlights on and working properly so anything that will streamline the processĀ is a good idea.

Dianne Rintjema