Anybody remember all the snow we got in Lincoln over the last Christmas holidays? Anyone have to wait for their road to be plowed? Probably…

There were a number of issues complicating the situation – It snowed back to back for (I believe) three days straight, some staff had a funeral to attend during the snow event – and there were two watermain breaks. Having said all that – things do happen and we need to do all we can to be prepared.

Council received a report after that from the Public Works Department so that we could have a good look at how to improve our winter maintenance service during the high needs events, for example when it snows a lot – continuously – during the holidays (when staffing can be an issue).

After that meeting – in my last post on Winter Maintenance,, I outlined adjustments Council had made to the “Extreme Snow Protocol” which allow staff to call in contractors to take care of the snow clearance and removal in our cul-de-sacs so that trucks are free to concentrate everywhere else. This will come in handy this winter if needed.

Another change that will come into play this season is that the Town will be hiring (see this link to the website if you’re interested) on-call winter maintenance staff.

Another change that is in effect starting this season throughout the winter season – is that there will now be two patroller vehicles working through the night available for pre-clearing and salting instead of waiting until the trucks hit the road at 4:30 am.

Please keep in mind that in extreme snow events there can be delays that can put a lot of strain on the staff in a small Municipality.

Please also let us know ( or ) if you have concerns this winter – We want to know how these changes are working out.

Thanks for reading…

Dianne Rintjema
Councillor, Ward 1, Lincoln