Make the Time to Visit your Farmers’ Market!

Promoting and consuming local food should be at the top of all of our to-do lists for so many reasons. Particularly here in the Niagara Region where the Greenbelt Act has thankfully assigned so much of our land to be used for Agriculture indefinately.

We should be thankful that we have the ability to grow food locally. We have an abundance of land and an abundance of water which is clearly not the case the world over. Are we nuts? Let’s give our head a shake and ask….Why do we go and buy a sweet potato or basket of fruit from the grocery store that’s grown half way across the world under conditions we have no control of – and shipped here, when we could be visiting our local Farmers’ Market or visiting a road-side stand? More expensive you say? Then eat one less frozen lasagna a week… make a pot of soup instead, and use the $10.00 you saved to buy something fresh and stuffed with vitamins and minerals.

The ability to produce enough food to feed the world is one of the big questions for our future. We have all the right stuff right here! Buy locally today and avoid pre-packaged food with waxes, additives, toxic dyes etc.

Support our Farmers. Support our Farmers. Support our Farmers.

Dianne Rintjema

More Community Improvement Plan Action in Beamsville

Great news!!!!

The building on the corner of King Street and Ontario Street in Beamsville (Former Pharma Plus) is going to receive a well needed facelift as the owners participate in the Community Improvement Plan’s Facade Grant Incentive Program.

They are planning to do do landscaping, facade work, and new lighting. See the details in the report:

Dianne Rintjema