Konkle Creek Reconstruction Update

Many of you have read about the on going plans to reconstruct the section of Konkle Creek that lies between Meadowood Park and Greenlane Road- The area has been fenced off for about six years now as the erosion and flooding that occurs there was determined to be a hazard for pedestrians.

The required Environmental Assessment process has been completed, the preferred design option chosen, land purchased along the West side of the creek, the detailed design completed (proposing to complete the work in two phases)… but the project has been pushed back several times for lack of external funding.  The estimated cost is over two million dollars. In the meantime staff monitors the erosion and is prepared to do spot fixes as necessary.

The Creek is important for several reasons – It provides storm water control and drainage for a significant portion of Beamsville lying to the south of Lincoln Square – but is also included in the vision for The Town’s Active Transportation initiative and the Trail and Bikeway Master Plan with a walking trail planned to run through either on the East side, or a combination of the East and West side with a small bridge.

This is an update with significant enthusiasm attached as The Town has applied for the following funding and is very hopeful that it will be successful so that Phase One of the project can commence in 2017:

  • Clean Water and Wasterwater Fund (CCWF) Phase 1
    to support all municipal governments and their respective water, wastewater or storm
    water projects. Federal ($570 million) and provincial ($270 million) funding is a total of
    $840 million with municipal contributions of $1.1 billion reflecting a 50-25-25
    contribution.  Funding will be provided on a formula based system with a base
    component of $50,000 federal and $25,000 provincial. In other words, a minimum of
    $75,000 is guaranteed. Deadline for submission is October 31, 2016. 
    The subject funding is supposed to give municipalities the ability
    to move ahead with a project that they “otherwise would not have done without the
    funding help” and something that is beyond the next budget year (i.e. 2017). Based on
    this criteria and the conversations with Federal representatives, Konkle Creek (Phase 1) which is
    planned for 2018 and has a preliminary cost estimate is $1.4 million has been submitted.