Re-Imagining Prudhommes

This morning I attended the session that marks the beginning of the public processes in the update of the Town of Lincoln Secondary Plan for the very impressive Prudhommes Waterfront Property that recently changed hands and is slated for development.

A very interesting discussion…. A very interesting presentation.
Let me see if I can capture some of the messages from the consulting group:

  • Think Big – How do you develop a gem waterfront property? You connect the dots… Take what you already have and bring it all together. Find ways to Connect the development to nearby Jordan Village, Balls Falls, Vineland, The Beacon Property, Charles Daley Park and you retain the authenticity of your community.
  • Make the necessary investments now to create the big, connected vision – Bigger vision creates business and employment.
  • Not just condos…. The possibilities are endless… residential, commercial, recreational, educational… There are three kilometres of waterfront in that 55 acre parcel..Think of places like Collingwood, Muskoka, Port Credit….
  • We have everything we need to make this “A centrepiece of a remarkable tourism and recreation experience” that is so “much more than the sum of it’s parts”
  • Walking and cycling trails, connecting the harbour to the Lake, renovation of the beautiful old stone trestle…
  • Toronto is talking about Ferry Service connecting places like Toronto Island, Mississauga, Ontario Place… Why not Niagara?

At this point all ideas only…

Will there be challenges? Yes… But the interest is strong. There were people in attendance today from The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority, The Chamber of Commerce, The Twenty Valley Tourism Association, FBH Group (The developers) other Local Developers and Business People, Niagara Connects, The Niagara Region, The Town of Lincoln Council, Mayor and Staff, The Media, and abutting land owners and more….

Mayor Sandra Easton and Council and our CAO Mike Kirkopoulos recognize the incredible potential for this property and are aware that public involvement is key in the implementation of the complex planning and building process. We will therefore be continuing to create opportunities for public involvement and input.

Please consider attending the open house tomorrow night (Thursday the 8th) at The Fleming Centre from 4:00-7:00 where which you can review the results of today’s session, talk with the consultants, review information, ask questions, and most importantly – submit comments.

Dianne Rintjema,