Notice of Public Information Centre – Niagara Go Hub and Transit Stations Study

Notice of Public Information Centre

Niagara Go Hub and Transit Stations Study

Niagara Region is planning for the long term future of its communities. The extension of two-way GO Transit service to the Region is anticipated in the near future and is a critical component of achieving growth, prosperity and sustainability in Niagara. GO Transit in coordination with the Region and local municipalities has identified four future GO Transit stations in Niagara Region: located in Grimsby, Beamsville (Lincoln), St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls.

The purpose of this study is to complete the planning framework and implementation program to guide the development of the four stations and surrounding areas. The goal is to create transit supportive environments that support intensification, foster economic development, encourage multi-modal transportation networks, and make efficient use of regional and local infrastructure/services.

This work requires input from residents and stakeholders throughout the study to ensure that the results meet the expectations of community members and achieve the growth and sustainability goals for the Region and local municipalities. To commence the project with the community, the Region and local municipalities are holding four public consultation events, one in each municipality for which a station is being planned. The events will provide an introduction to the study, outline the study goals and objectives, provide information on best practices for station area planning and design, and begin a conversation around the vision for each station area. Attendees will be involved in helping to establish the station area vision by working with a team of designers and planners through an interactive workshop. Details regarding the public consultation event are provided below. All interested attendees are welcome.

Lincoln Public Open House

Date: June 23, 2016
Location: Fleming Centre Concourse, 5020 Serena Drive, Beamsville
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

The public open house will run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and include the following activities:

  • 6:30-6:45pm: Doors open, open house to review display boards
  • 6:45-7:05pm: Presentation
  • 7:05-8:10pm: Visioning Workshop
  • 8:15-8:30pm: Group Discussion/Wrap-up

If you require any accommodations for a disability in order to attend and participate in meetings or events, please let us know in advance so that arrangements can be made in a timely manner. Special accessibility accommodations and materials in alternate formats can be arranged by contacting the Niagara Region’s Accessibility Advisory Coordinator at 905-980-6000 ext. 3252 or accessibility@niagararegion.ca

For more information please visit: www.niagararegion.ca/projects/go-hub-transit-stations/default.aspx