The Beamsville Community Improvement Plan Ball is Rolling!

Great News. People are already stepping up and using the incentive programs that Lincoln has put in place through its Community Improvement Plan.

At last night’s Planning and Development Committee Meeting, Mike Commisso Investments Inc. applied for, (Committee approved), Facade Grants and Building Improvement Grants to do work on the commercial property at the North East corner of Central and King Street in Beamsville.

The business owners plan to complete the upgrades by this fall.

Last night’s Agenda and reports:

Information about the Community Improvement Plan:

There are also other applications in and there have been several other inquiries.  Things are definately looking up in Beamsville as we see new businesses popping up, and hopefully we’ll see a lot of participation in the Community Improvement Plan.

Dianne Rintjema

No Man is an Island

Rarely can we point to an incident in our community and say "there is no pattern here – it’s an isolate incident".

Christopher Hume’s commentary in today’s Toronto Star suggests that we look at the big picture (always the best plan) and keep it firmly in mind.–hume-eaton-centre-shooting-was-no-isolated-incident

Dianne Rintjema

Fairgrounds work not to interrupt 2012 Lincoln County Fair

The following question was raised at tonight’s Community Complex Steering Committee Meeting:

“Are there plans to begin work on the Fairgrounds before 2012’s Fall Fair that would interrupt the positioning of the rides or interrupt the Fair?”

The answer was no. There will be no work on the grounds until AFTER the Fair.

This is important to a lot of people who put their hearts into the Fair every year, and important to all the people who are looking forward to enjoying one more Fair in the centre of Town.

Dianne Rintjema