What’s Happening with Prudhomme’s?

We’ve all heard that Prudhomme’s has changed hands and that the new owner plans to develop. All true…

What is the Town doing?
Council fully recognizes and appreciates the value and potential for this property and wants to ensure that it’s potential is maximized for all stakeholders. It has therefore undertaken to review and update the Prudhomme’s Secondary Plan (the site specific plans within the Town of Lincoln Official Planning Document which lay the vision for the development of that property).

Will there be public consultation through this review?
Yes. Mayor Easton and Council have made Public Input and Communication a priority in this process.
Keep your eye on the local paper, Town Website, Social Media, or call (905) 563-8205 to find out when any of the multiple public sessions/open houses/input opportunities will take place.

When is this going to start happening?
Very soon… Please attend the following if you can:

………*Sept 7th at 7pm The Fleming Centre
A Public Presentation and Question and Answer Session

………*Sept 8th from 4-7pm at The Fleming Centre
A Drop In Session to Review Work in Progress.


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