Isn’t this true people of Niagara?

Below is a letter drafted to residents of Niagara asking that you send your local MP/Candidate a quick letter letting them know how important Go Transit is to Niagara… Please take a second to google his or her contact information and send one off in your name.

​We know what we need – Now let’s get our voices heard…

Dear [resident],

As you may be aware, Niagara regional council has unanimously endorsed an effort to bring daily commuter GO Train service to Niagara.

This is an issue that is important to the economic growth of the region. Commuter rail service will expand Niagara’s employment radius, both drawing new job opportunities to the region and opening new avenues to access jobs in the Greater Toronto Area.

The future of GO Transit is being managed by Metrolinx, but to date all Metrolinx conversations end at Hamilton.

We want to change that, but to do so we need your help. We need to let our representatives at Queen’s Park know that GO Transit matters to Niagara.

We request that you take the time to write a quick letter to [LOCAL MPP/CANDIDATE], and cc Party Leader [LEADER NAME]. Please let them know that:

  • Niagara is united in its quest to bring commuter GO rail service to the Peninsula;
  • This is important for the economic development of the province, and will provide another vital link between the GTA, Niagara and the United States;
  • Public transit will help improve commute times and allow more time with families and in the community;
  • We care about the environment in Niagara, and support initiatives that will take cars off the congested QEW; and
  • It is reasonable to ask for this service to be in place by the summer of 2015.

Thanks for your time and support on this very important matter. Together, we can enact change that will make Niagara an even better place in which to live, work and play.

Dianne Rintjema
Councillor, Ward 1, Lincoln

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